RiskRecon, A Mastercard Company

Location: Salt Lake City
, UT

RiskRecon provides a SaaS platform that helps organizations more effectively manage the risk reality of increasingly interconnected IT ecosystems by delivering frequent, comprehensive and actionable security performance measurements.

Using proprietary data gathering techniques, RiskRecon creates a 360-degree risk profile of an enterprise’s public IT footprint. Based on that footprint and a detailed analysis, a RiskRecon rating and report is generated providing detailed, actionable information with context. No additional analysis is required.

Clients rely on RiskRecon to bring greater transparency, accountability and productivity to their vulnerability and third-party risk management processes. And, they trust that RiskRecon’s continuous monitoring solution employs only ethical techniques – no proprietary vendor data, no permissions and no invasive scans.

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Mike Capobianco
Director of Sales Operations
Email: mike.capobianco@riskrecon.net

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